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  1. Friday, November 25, 2016 11:24:59 AM Asia/Calcutta

    Using of nail lacquer or nail polish is not a present trend but it has been used a long before. Even in the history, there is a mention of the use of nail polish by Cleopatra, the Egyptian Queen and even by the queens of Chinese kingdom. Thus use of nail colour has a long story. Nail colour is not only a fashion ingredient but also protects and strengthen nails. Now it is the time for “open-toed shoes” generation, so gals go beyond the matching-moment with your Pedi and Mani. Today through this article I am going to share some renowned and famous nail lacquer brands along with colour shade chart which will definitely spice up your trend. These brands you can either get through online stores or through local outlets. You can try smith Cult, Treat collection, JINsoon, if you want to enjoy nail arts then without wasting a second go for the shades of NCLA, Deborah Lippmann. For French manicure or nail treatment you can use colours shades of Formula X, Nails Inc, RMS Beauty, Kester Black, Butter London. For bold and cool colour combinations then go for the brands like Lakme Colour Crush, Maybelline, OPI, Tenoverten, Lauren B, Revlon, Sally Hansen and many more.

    Nowadays, fashion market is flooded with a huge line of nail colours. Let see, what are various types of nail colours and what their uses are. According to the colour finish, nail polish can be matte which may appear to be a kind of streaky with no shine or shimmer. Then sheer nail colours are nowadays very much popular especially to the school-college goers and among the office-goers. This type of nail colour basically comes in transparent colour, pink and also in nude shades. For party and disco’s you can use pearl nail lacquer, with a bit of sheen and it will look like pearl. You can also add metal finish nail polish in you nail colour chart. For nail arts or for a heavy shimmer, you can use Glitter nail polish. Glitters can be of different brands, the texture of these glitters is not smooth. Every day things are getting more and more advanced. Earlier, after applying nail polish it used to take five to ten minutes to get dry completely and also without getting smudge. But now you can get quick dry nail polish which will get dry within few seconds or a minute and they are all smudge free.

    So you can easily apply nail colour even if you are waiting in the traffic. Now on the basis of applying nail colour there are two types of nail colours. One is base coat and the other is the top coat. Sometimes we see that repeated use of dark coloured nail polish nails used to get discoloured or sometimes get chipped away. So to prevent this base coat is very important. Giving a base coats and top coats mean it will give a long lasting effect and prevents from fading and chipping away. Top coat colours are generally of transparent colour which will create protective shield to the nail colour.

    As I have already mentioned earlier that nail polish is not a fashion ingredient but also it can give nourishment to the nails. Yes, I am talking about the strengthening nail paints, these types of nail paints help in strengthening nails and helps to a proper growth of the nails. It helps in preventing untimely breakage or the splitting of the nails. These nails paints are usually used for nail treatments which led to a healthy growth of the nails.

    So, start lacquer up your nails now....

  2. Friday, November 25, 2016 7:54:00 AM Asia/Calcutta

    Nowadays, girls are very much “fashion- in” and also “brand-holics”. This is why many “online make-up products” sites are coming up with in-numerous variety of products and brands, which one can’t get in any of the local cosmetic outlets.

    Today my article will provide you with a guide of make-up products that you can use for a daily office make up or a party make up, and the brands of the make-up products that you can buy though online e-shopping.

    Before increasing your make-up palette, it’s very important to know the skin texture and skin complexion with which your makeup will perfectly blend up with your skin.

    Next important thing is choosing the right brand for your skin. It is always advisable not to experiment with different kinds of brands, better to stick with a single brand if that suits your skin. Some of the renowned brands are Lakme, L’Oreal, and Maybelline. These are the brands which you can get either online or in some local outlets. But if you want more variety of international make up brands then you have to buy through “online”, like that of Smashbox, Oriflame, Mak, Nu-Skin, Elizabeth Arden, Artistry and many more.

    Now let’s start with the makeup products that are must-to-have in your make up box.

    As the winter season is advancing so you need have a moisturiser before applying any base make-up. So for base make you can have foundation, face powder, mousse, to hide your imperfections you have to apply a concealor. Concealor can be in the form or cream and also in the form of stick. For a shine and glow in your skin you need blusher and shimmer. For eye makeup you require a wide palette of eye shadow shades, mascara. If you want to give your eye lashes a thick and curled look then you can go for falsies mascara or curling head mascara. You can easily get these two types of mascara through online. For eye shadow Mak has a wide range of eye shadow which you can use for both smoky eyes or for highlights, you can also get a palette of eye shadow for its base look. Eye shadow can also be of shimmer glow that goes perfectly well with that of heavy party makeup or you can also get matte eye shadow range both of dark and also of light shades. If you have thin layer of eye lash then you can buy falsies that is false eye lashes which you can get of varied thickness which you can buy according to your requirements and occasions you are going for. The most important and vital product for a complete and beautiful eye makeup is kohl. For applying on the upper part of the eye lash you can use liquid liner or eye pencil. On every online site you can get a variety of colour including blue, green, black, white, and brown, golden, silver. Eye pencils can be used both on the lower and the upper part of the eyes or for the lower part you can use deep heavy thick kohl for an intense look. You can also get a variety of quality of these types of liquid liner and kohl like 24 hrs smudge free or water resistant which can give you that perfect look through the day. For shaping your eye brows and to give a thick-eyebrow look you can use eyebrow highlighting pencil, for shaping it is advisable to use eye brow brush. For shaping your lips and highlighting it you need lip liner for an outline shaping, lipsticks. If you want to give a glossy effect then you can use lip gel or gloss. You can get a huge variety in lip colour range. In terms of colour, can be classified as wild or vibrant colours, nude or light colours and frosty or shimmer effect lipsticks. On the basis of texture it can either be cream based or can be matte. You can get a wide variety of lipsticks with Lakme, Mak, Smashbox, Artistry.

    So what are waiting grab the products now!!!

  3. Monday, November 21, 2016 12:00:00 AM Asia/Calcutta

    Retailoid is among fast-growing online retail outlets. A bundle of variety can be seen through some few clicks. They provide a huge collection of products to their customers at a very reasonable price that can from homecare to personal care, from electronics to that of pet care. The bonus part of this website is that they are not lined to some limited brand else they cover a wide range.

    Women generally focus on grooming and their beauty. Retailoid provide a large frame of products along with popular, well known brands. Let’s start with the hair products. We, the women folk are very much concerned about their hair, as there is no doubt about it that hair complete and complements one’s beauty. We all long for a long, healthy, shiny hair, for this one has to be very much aware of the variety of products they are using.

    The most basic and common product we use are shampoo and conditioner. Most of time we see that many of us forget to use conditioner, but conditioner is equally important for the hair as its going to give a smooth effect on your hair. But before choosing shampoo and conditioner you must a good knowledge about your hair type and texture. For shampoo and conditioner you can have some world-wide brands like Loreal, Wella, or some Indian brands like Himalaya. The next product for your hair is serum which will be used after hair wash. Soon after drying your hair you can apply hair serum which adds the lost nutrition to your hair during the hair wash. For serum you can go for Matrix, Wella, Streax.

    Another common but one of the most important hair products is the hair oil. The most advantageous aspect of the hair oil is that it strengthens the root of the hair and gives a shiny texture to your hair. You can also go hot oil massage to your hair scalp for better result. It can also condition your hair even after doing shampoo.

    Above all hair treatment is very necessary, though many of us are not used to hair treatment. Nowadays we usually have a busy work schedule and facing daily traffic with ever increasing pollution creates an immense damage to the hair. So if you give hair treatment at least once in a week then you can bear a healthy and strong hair growth. Like you can use scalp tonic or anti dandruff cream if you are suffering from dandruff problem. At least, during the weekend you can use henna or smoothening mask for a healthy look. If you are facing some sudden hair loss then anti hair fall cream or snake oil will be a perfect solution to your problem. You can also buy ayurvedic therapeutic kit for the entire treatment. If you want for spa therapy then you can buy bio hair oil. For grey hair you can buy ammonia free hair colour with cream gloss which will not only help you to hide your grey hair but also leaves a glossy shine on your hair. If you are ready for a party after a hectic work schedule and wish to give a shiny look to your hair for instant solution you can use shimmer treatment to your hair.

    So if you keep these above mentioned hair products at the front place of your grooming shelf then there is no doubt about that you are going to possess healthy hair and can display a stylish look, thus can easily become the talk of the town. Retailoid will help you with all these products with a huge variety of brand at a reasonable rate. So, without wasting any more minute just visit to the website and fill your cart.

  4. Thursday, September 22, 2016 3:11:48 PM Asia/Calcutta

    5 in 1 pen worth investing in your corporate arsenal!

    A last minute detail too is very crucial, when up for corporate meetings, dinner or
    presentations. Imagine a materialistic thing that works like a secretary and capable
    enough of serving you with 5 futuristic goals! Moreover you could carry it
    anywhere and anytime, are you able to guess?

    Yes! Our dear readers we are talking about the pen and 5 things that will always
    keep you in pace and ahead of the rest. The newly launched innovation is
    becoming to be one of the hot selling items. In feasible prices, you could get loom
    of benefits. There are luminous advantages of pen that are worth buying for:-

    Professional Recording: - After the meeting, we may always end up asking question
    to ourselves, that what was the first point he said? In order to reduce your hassles of
    remembering each and every thing, our best online store have Pen that has
    enormous advantage of professional recording up to 16 GB with low power
    consumption. One key recording feature has single touch modus operandi system
    which makes it easy to start and stop. The pen also supports superior distance
    recording. This pen will surely give you a game changing experience even when it
    comes to noting important conferences or lectures.

    Flash disk with 16 GB memory:- How good it can feel when you don’t have to
    carry different things and one thing could just sort your majority of problems? You
    don’t need to carry files together; the 16 GB memory does make it easy for you to
    carry your important documents with ease.

    Writing pen: - why sign a document with an ordinary pen? Say yes to new
    beginnings with the writing pen. The classic and molded grip section will make
    your writing experience a more seamless and better one.

    Laser pen: - During the meeting or lectures when you wish to highlight over some
    of the important points on the projector screen, then the laser pen will work
    wonders. This pen is combo of art and intelligence of being smart and wise always.

    MP3 player: - Little break is important and music is the soul for realizing that stress
    out. The quirky range of Mp3 player with dual magnetic superior sound does give
    you amazing sound quality. The different groovy songs will lift your spirits and will
    re-energize you right for the whole day.

    We are bit excited to sell this pen in India with multiple features. The compatible
    refills and good battery life options will make your investment a worth of price.
    This pen is surely a smart arsenal to have it in your corporate arsenal.

  5. Wednesday, September 14, 2016 11:42:06 AM Asia/Calcutta

    How to select your closet like a celebrity for those perfect mom-to- be tummy flaunting goals?

    The Indian fashion circle is going gaga gaga over soon to be Mother Kareena Kapoor Khan.
    This energetic, dynamic and young actress knows to carry herself and flaunt her belly in very
    sophisticated way. If you are going to next mommy of the season and wish to make that heads
    turn, then this styles are worth a try, some of them are as follows:-

     Flowy and comfortable:-Hats off to her extreme professionalism. She has strike the cords
    right by maintaining both her personal as well as professional life. Everytime she gives
    new fashion goals to her fan and shutter bugs. We love the fact of her carrying well maxi
    dress. There is no harm in following the celebrity trends. The different styles of dresses
    available online do make your shopping experience a hassle free one.

     Accessories: - Being new parents to be automatically creates a feel good factor. Many a
    times your hubby may surprise you with dinner date. In order to add up that perfect vigor
    to look adding up the gleam of accessories will be a perfect option.

     Palazzo pants for that perfect roomy feel:- Be it going around with hubby saif or work
    related, Kareena prefers the rich fabric silhouette. There might be different occasions
    where you might to wear ethnic things, the right fit palazzo pants would be an perfect
    option for you. On kurti pairing up palazzo pants do give you that perfect chic look.
    Shopping kurtis from online stores is easy and convenient.

     Bell style sleeves dresses:- There is no second thought attached to it that retro style trends
    are back in the fashion game. When you get that head turns or make yourself comfortable
    then dresses could easily amp up your fashion game. Within fraction of seconds, the
    online stores do give you multiple options to choose from.

    When you wish to perk up your closet with best of things, then selecting stuff from will make all that wonders. The best part is various things are very feasible
    in prices. The different sections do make your shopping easier. Happy motherhood to

  6. Thursday, September 8, 2016 11:18:54 AM Asia/Calcutta

    Tech it like a Pokemon!

    When you are in verge of finding your next pokemon and suddenly that buzzing indicator of
    battery low on your phone could be irritating to quite a long extent. Pokemon Go UK release
    has managed to be in bizarre with millions of fans worldwide. The game is truly challenging and
    when diving to next levels, gaming experience can be redefined. When you are on streets to find
    your next pokemon, then these tips will surely work wonders:-

    Battery mode on: - This is one of the obvious thing but due to excitement we might forget to turn
    to battery saver mode on. When you wish to give the head start and lead the game for long
    hours, follow the procedures of clicking the pokeball and then on the setting tab in the top right
    hand corner to switch on the handy function. While playing you should always keep battery
    saving mode on. You could even try to turn your Android/IOS phone in battery saving mode.
    Getting new power ups is different experience altogether, if you are travelling and wish to play
    this game without hassles then Pokemon Go power Bank with larger MAH Capacity could be
    your hand savvy option.

    Pikachu for starter: - During starting we know that you will lured with choices, but we think
    Pikachu for starter could be a great deal. While playing you could try out the tip on turning your
    phone upside down, the turning of screen in dark could actually help in saving the battery. If you
    wish to play the game without any hassles, then Pokemon Go Power bank available in different
    colors at will make your gaming experience a real one.

    Good level of strategy is required for catching higher level of pokemon:- The yellow ones and
    red ones are difficult to catch, therefore do make a strategy before catching them. According to
    various game players, clicking on smaller ring would be a viable option. Often in various outdoor
    locations, you may find your pokemon. Therefore carrying a viable option for battery in mode of
    power back will be safe option to keep game on. The power bank available on online store is light
    weighed and can be compatibly carried anywhere. does sell pokemon Go power bank at very feasible prices and can deliver you
    product on stipulated time committed.

  7. Tuesday, August 23, 2016 3:01:41 PM Asia/Calcutta

    Unique Teacher’s day gifts under 1000 INR Range!

    Are you confused in choosing stuff for your favorite teacher? Teachers
    are considered to be the most important stepping milestone of our
    careers. The idea of celebrating teacher’s day was rooted in the year 20 th
    Century and till date trend continues. India Celebrates this day with
    great pomp and vigor on 5 th September.

    The trend of giving gifts to teachers has been continued right from
    ancient times. In mythological times to the great “guru” called
    Dronocharya asked Eklavya to cut his thumb and offer him. In the
    modern times too with whole hearted approach people do love giving
    gifts to teachers and celebrate this day of appreciation. Thanks to the
    invention of technology and modern times that without wondering from
    pillar to post you could select best gifts for teachers, some of them are as


    Contemporary necklaces: - Believe it or not, every feminine beauty
    does have a special soft corner for necklaces, try this gift. You
    might be a lucky one to be a favorite student of your teacher ;)


    The necklace can easily go well with Indian wear or
    contemporary fusion western wear. The elite pattern of this
    necklace could be carried well from dawn to dusk.

    Portable Speakers: - When the world loves to be connected with
    gadgets, why not your gifts? The coolest range of speakers available
    on our online stores is highly compatible with the needs of modern
    times and the reserved secret is that they are available at affordable
    prices too.


    This speaker is light in weight and can be easily connected with Android smart phone
    gadgets. It is indigenously portable that gives a plus advantage to
    carry it anywhere.

    Watches: - There is definitely no match when teachers and time
    perfections are to be considered. A cool or formal type watch could
    be your secret mantra to impress your teachers. Be it Sir or
    teacher, watches are regardless favorite of all.


    The round dial and combination of suede leather looks
    truly charismatic. This watch for sure will impress you a lot in one

    T-Shirts:- If you wish to convey your message to your sir with witty
    sense and style then the statement printed T-Shirts for your sir
    could strike that thing right. The availability of different sizes on
    our online stores could add that ex-factor.


    The quirky color and readable fonts does make this t-
    shirt look cool and funky.

    Straightener and Hair dryer: - Everyone loves the feeling of
    grooming self. The best part of our online store is that we do give
    you genuine rates that could fit well in your pockets.


    The 2 speed setting style and easy
    to plug in option will give a result when it comes to setting up your hair.
    Our online store does always cares for your contentment and
    therefore gives you impeccable options for selecting gifts or other
    necessities with the go of clicks. We are prominent one stop
    solution for your variety of needs. You could access our site round
    the clock. Shop with us and gain a hassle free shopping experience.

    Happy teachers day to you.