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Actor, model & fitness guru Mithun Purandare who's currently busy with his second play where he is seen playing a role of Psychiatrist, directed by Trishala Patel and choreographed by Sandip Soparkar, has come up with his own lines of hand printed shirts.
Mithun is all set to open own lines of 100%  cotton hand printed shirts with the right kind of comfort and style. Mithun says,"Since shirts are very common and always in trend I have come up with the interesting concept of hand printing shirts which will attract the customers to buy, and there are very less collection of such shirts, hence I decided to start up with my own line." The actor has tied up with Retaolid online platform and will be selling it online. The proprietor's of the online market's place's name is Majid Shaikh.
Friday, February 3, 2017 4:56:43 PM Asia/Calcutta By majid shaikh Exclusive, Shirt, 100%, Cotton, Men's, Fashion, Hand, Printed, Comments Men Fashion,

Fashion is everyones individuality for appearance that will be presented with a sense of style. It is about wearing latest designer outfits, high heels, sparkling jewelry, and matching clutch with amazing  and simple makeup. In addition to it, Nail Polishes for women are the main stuffs that help the woman look ultra glamorous and gorgeous.

Nowadays many give more preference towards accessories that is a cute addition to outfit and for a valentine day look. They are used in the form of necklaces, pins on bracelets, shoes,  clothes, brooches, handbags. You can observe at indian fashion weeks and coutures the way they dress up themselves with sparkling and eye catching accessories that are must to add with your way of style.

Power of accessories in the life of a women

  • Every fashionable woman understands the power of accessories. Among all, the indian woman tops in the world in use of funky and chic jewelry, clutches, splendor products online shopping, sandals, bracelets and other attractive and fashionable items that make them as a part of fashion and trend of the year.
  • Contemporary dressing and woman 18 titan edge analog watch are changing in a fast way and mainly, women who are playing many roles in the present generation.
  •  They prefer practical, modern, and looks latest in fashion accessories and the main stuff to trend of them is the growing needs in the fashion industry.

The best collection of every woman

The celebrities and famous figures in Bollywood never step out to shows and premiers without latest Women jewellery product as they are the part of their fashion and style statement. In line, they are considered as the best part of the overall dressing and women’s clostuff collection. If you too want to get inspired by indian famous figures and celebrities then visit any of the ongoing fashion show and give a great look to your style that is inseparable.

Important stuffs to follow to maintain splendor

Most of the indian celebrities and other women discover desperate splendor tips that are different and  interesting  to follow. They are:

  • The first step to maintain splendor is a balanced diet that is rich of vegetables, fruits and nutrients that gives beautiful skin and feels more energized.
  • Even the surroundings plays a great role in giving proper skin texture and glow as warm weather tans the skin and give rise to other problems.
  • It is important to follow daily routine to maintain splendor and attraction like most of the celebrities and stars does.
  • Follow the best at home treatments to have a special glow on the skin, that is a grandma’s recipe.

Get inspired from splendor experts

Every season has its best Fragrance buy in low rate and trends and you need to follow the best to maintain the texture and glow of your skin. Most of the aged celebrities in Bollywood look young  by following the splendor secrets and skin care. 

Friday, January 6, 2017 8:52:20 PM Asia/Calcutta By Priyanka Tripathi fashion, Accessories, 0 Comments Lifestyle,

If you are a trend conscious woman and always look to follow a new style then celebrity style is the finest to follow. These top celebrities inspire women to move in their casual wear in a trendy way.  This is what; it creates a buzz among women to follow as a celebrity style with wedge sandals and a designer bag. Beautiful women are like to buy Fragrance buy in low rate that attract guys everywhere to chase them.

 The truth is look is the eye catching phrase which gives fabulous expression on the face after finding an angel on earth. It is one of those things which are easy to find but very hard to express and define. Ask any of the Indian women about a look, you get short and sweet notes which are amazing and creates a kind of confidence to express by them.

Buy online items to burn the young hearts with your looks

Right from head to toe, most of the Indian beauties take care in every way from offered IOWalk buy. Especially to skin which makes them look gorgeous with sexy figures all the time. a good combination of makeup with loose hair and amazing outfit gives a beautiful look which is finest in its way and awesome to follow for a new look to burn hearts at the coming event.

Follow the Bollywood starlets who are always styled

  • As the trend of celebrities is a fickle thing, many follow it and change the very next time when a new vogue is in season.
  •  On the other hand, there is cheap anarkali suits online shopping celebrity styles with a mix of trend and certain beauty factors which keeps the viewers always captivated to know what the newest style is going on to be the first to have that style.
  • With this craze, there are hordes of women who try to be trend able, nonchalant and anxious with new style to present at the show or at the catwalk ramp.

Visit the trend sites this events season

  • This is the finest idea to view the famous designer collection from the first row and be a part of it to add to your wardrobe. 
  • As trend is the craze of every age woman, it is sure that no one desires to leave it back and be behind in trend among the group.
  • Buy online sunglasses with those platforms where the trend is displayed and let the woman follow it according to the celebrity style.
  • If it is formal or casual trend changes according to season and every season requires something awesome and amazing to look hot and sexy.
  •  Inevitably, a trend week in the Indian is the event of the trend industry, which lasts for a week where top directors, actors, celebrities, designers view the latest collection which is on display.
  •  It is found as the finest show to trade with international trend designers and get into a contract for your store brand.

More interestingly, India has many outstanding trend shows in mainly sparx canvas shoes online which are the hub of trend and style

Wednesday, January 4, 2017 9:21:00 PM Asia/Calcutta By Priyanka Tripathi Celebrities, Collections, Fragrance, buy, in, low, rate, offered, IOWalk, cheap, anarkali, suits, online, shopping, Buy, sunglasses, sparx, canvas, shoes, Comments Special Day's,

Fashion has many definitions in the society and it all starts from the products which take place twice in a year to exhibit the debut and top designers collection and new models who look gorgeous and ravishing in latest different styles. computer stand online is a very new product in this area. never to miss products and shows which give a new portal to fashion nuances which are easy to manage and have a celebrity look.

Of all the products the most held are in indian which gives success in the fashion career. You need to learn more bout fashion at the Indian fashion products where great roles are performed by designers and celebrities  with lots of energy, enthusiasm, imagination and without doubt creativity.

Creates a new image to represent the label

Most of the celebrities and Bollywood directors follow the fashion which is completely different  and represents the brand and label of the designer. It is something personal if you are going to try titan edge analog watch, as they are the one who set and style and let women to follow though it is expensive and tough to keep up. It is essential to concentrate on your body size, skin tone and other features as they are necessary to follow the all time best styles and be a hot and sexy figure in the group. What else, go through the latest designs and outfits of the celebrities and include in your collection to feel like a celebrity and confident when you are out or ready for the date.

Every designer posts his collection to rise to more than quarter sales and gain appreciation from known faces of Bollywood. This is common in the fashion indIndiatry as new designers try to create their strong platform with the retail division and amazing clothes and designs. Due to lot of advancement in technology, online trading and shopping of the latest designs from every corner of the country is possible which is the Hot Fashio news. Yet, Hand watches for boys buy creates craze and act at once desire among women to shop every line of the latest clothing in desired size from their place and feel  awsome and hot and follow the emerging and evolved fashion of india.

The Best source to be in touch with the changing trends

Shoes in cheap rate is the famous part of the fashion field, mainly about the UK and INDIA celebrities and stars and their changing styles. This spreads new appearance of them in the fashion field, which creates the surprising skill to follow without any another thought. All these aspects will be combined with the best HD security system buy and clothing which spreads within seconds to every corner of the world. Being the most fashionable and advanced state, INDIA is considered the home of fashion designers after the UK, where the creativity and mix of colors are presented in skirts, troIndiaers, maxi dresses and other outfits which are out of the imagination. 

Tuesday, January 3, 2017 9:10:25 PM Asia/Calcutta By Priyanka Tripathi Fashion, Products, Online, computer, stand, online, titan, edge, analog, watch, Hand, watches, for, boys, buy, Shoes, in, cheap, rate, HD, security, system, Comments Lifestyle,

Fashion is not customary for women alone though it may be more important for them. Men are as much prone to fashions and styles as their fairer sex counterparts. Which are the best men’s fashion stores that one could approach for best fashion apparels?

When it comes to fashion stores selection there are numerous options for both online and brick and concrete store buyers across the globe. However the experiences that one could get in some of the top class women and men’s fashion stores may not be available elsewhere or online.

cheap anarkali suits online shopping are volatile most of the times and 2016 is likely to be no exception to this common rule. What the fashion trend report for 2016 says?

Almost half of the year 2016 has been completed and many women have updated their Hand watches for boys buy. But what the trend report on women fashion says about the year. Fashion is constantly evolving and taking new turns at regular intervals. Right from the cold winter through the hot and scorching summer, everything could be different from the previous year.

Fashion Trends in Spring and Summer

Fashion trends in the spring and summer is somewhat different though not much in case of Hand watches for boys buy in comparison to the previous year. Most prominent among the trends are the following.

  • Bold slogans often displayed on the apparels.
  • Buttons backward along with cowgirl mash ups.
  • Oversized, boyish and cool looking masculine.
  • Bandeau has made its return in fashion world.
  • Wearing crop tops is once again back into fashion. 


Every woman desires to look beautiful and stylish whether it’s indoor or outdoor without any reason. As you know,  there is no one who denies the fact that Indian women are the most beautiful women on the earth with beauty products online shopping and sharp features which allure the men every time. In order to maintain the beauty forever, you have the best Indian beauty tips & fashion advice for women which play a main role today. If you are very much concerned to maintain your beauty then you have a few good tips to follow and be gorgeous every time:

  • Use Amla oil for hair as this was used for centuries by women on the scalp and hair, which gives thicker, stronger and beautiful hair.
  • Make it routine to use fresh rose petals or Gulabjal (Rosewater) as this acts as a skin relaxant, tones the skin and removes dark circles under the eyes.
  • You can mix the rose water with sandalwood powder and make a paste of it to apply on the skin. This is effective on spots, rashes, pimples, blackheads or any irritation on your skin.

Certainly, it is based upon the ongoing season with attractive colors and designs which are cool to feel comfort in them. A look at the fall 2016 fashion trend report indicates that women are now devising new ways of looking sexy even in winter when they are supposed to cover most part of their anatomy with warm clothes unlike summer and spring.

Saturday, December 31, 2016 12:59:19 PM Asia/Calcutta By Priyanka Tripathi Hand, watches, for, boys, buy, cheap, anarkali, suits, online, shopping, Comments Women Fashion,

There was a time when facial look was the primary factor for judging people, but with the changing time, fashion has come to existence and the person who is more fashionable is admired by others the most. More conveniently, it is the clothes which judge people, their class, their behavior and most importantly their personality. Online women make-up product is not a new concept today. Why not to buy these products conveniently from various online stores. If you want to know more about celebrity fashion phenomenon keeps you up to date with the fashion world. Find more details on various online websites and get to know more about it.

Make yourself trendy like celebrities

The more the trendy you are, the more the classy personality you create. Women hair care product is in high demand now days. Grab more of it from various websites.  There are people who follow their own trend while, for the rest, it is a celebrity look that they percept. These individuals dress up like the famous celebrities they admire, and because this dress up may vary person to person, but the most obvious reason of all is that they want to be conscious of the latest fashion for which they wish to follow their celebrities the most.

Find latest clothing among celebrities

Once you are into a celebrity cloth, then it is most obvious that you may get many compliments from your friends and this feature instigates many individuals to dress themselves as celebrities. No matter whether you want to buy Shoes in cheap rate, or you want to buy online sunglasses Apart from this, sometimes people turn to be huge fans of their favorite actors and actresses, and they keep on copying them in every matter. These types of peoples inhibit their accent, style and off course their dressing sense.  Furthermore, some actors believe in creating their own style and which will also become a trend after a certain period. As celebrities prefer to remain in casuals and not to go for much heavy works excluding when they are going to a grand party, the casual stuffs have a great demand in the recent time.

Go online and grab more branded products for your daily needs

Particularly for the youth, it is always the celebrity effect that persists, and they keep on changing their dressing style in accordance to their favorite celebrity. So, if you want to be highly trendy and create a dynamic personality of yours in front of your friends, your boss, then wear the celebrity fashion clothes and earn the title of being stylish at each moment.

What branded online products websites offer you?

Branded product website is getting attraction of millions of people all over the world. These products ask you for nothing much but just a little attention. These websites are offering huge discounts and coupon codes that you can encase with just one click. So, why not to go for these websites and buy online all products that you want rather than going offline and taking products.

Saturday, December 31, 2016 12:22:35 PM Asia/Calcutta By Priyanka Tripathi Online, Shopping, Sites, women, make-up, product, Women, hair, care, Shoes, in, cheap, rate, buy, online, sunglasses, Comments Women Fashion,

Yes, we follow celebrity trend and there is nothing wrong it. What comes in flashlight brings everyone's attention to it. Various actresses are becoming fashion role model of every teen aged girl. Thus read the following content and find what will be most favorable for you. You can take idea about Fragrance buy in low rate

Choose from the hot Bollywood collection

Being in fashion is not just making up you with heavy jewellery or makeup, but to dress up yourself in stylish clothes. Everyone knows about the trend of the sari and the way this collection add grace to a woman’s style. Being a lady you can follow styles of beauty products online shopping for getting new dressing ideas.

Being the epitome of beauty, you have gowns for every occasion, event, party and get together to select from the collection of Bollywood. Nowadays, many women like to present their style similar to the celebrities by following the designs and clothes which they offered on the Red carpet. You too can be the one who likes to modernize yourself in Bollywood gowns that are timeless and elegant in fashion. If you are searching for the best and unique high titan edge analog watch then you are at the right place to shop.

A leading brand in international market

All this makes our range of Indian clothing in demand as we take pride in presenting the best and the most appealing designs with the right combination of color shades and pattern which turns the heads turn at the party. All this makes Indian clothing range that even includes sparx canvas shoes online the most admired styles and loveable fabric among international fashion industries.

Friday, December 30, 2016 12:22:10 PM Asia/Calcutta By Priyanka Tripathi Fragrance, buy, in, low, rate, titan, edge, analog, watch, beauty, products, online, Comments Women Fashion,